Friday, 31 August 2012

So Here we are... :)

Recently a friend asked me a question as to when am I going to put up my first post. on my blog  Well, that was a kinda difficult one, firstly because she is much more smooth in writing and she is generally smart!  It's been a while since I registered my blog, Precious Impressions, quite a name huh...? Well, I hope I will manage to live up to the challenge, I am fully aware that you guys out there will NOT tolerate any waste of time and  So the journey of writing, sharing and online companionship begins.  It is my hope that it becomes one full of life and great things.

So who am I?  Let me just say, Precious... Living in Africa currently, still to fly and spread my spheres (I have always wanted to fly..!).Child of God (YHW) and so thankful that I am, very and absolutely.  I am generally blogging with the hope of touching and probably adding some value to our world, and you adding value to mine by way of feedback, great deal right?  In this blog, I will be talking or rather writting about all sorts, as the name says, its my thoughts sphere, my impressions about... let me call it "things".  Generally we will be encouraging each other to good works. So this being said, your feedback is invaluable.

So let the journey begin, here's to a great time together on-line.