Tuesday, 4 August 2015

I haven't arrived, but I've definitely left...

Its been a good 4 weeks on this grind. Its been great, tough, rewarding, result-oriented, and truly focused on bringing the numbers on the scale down.

Those who can remember, my first post on July 2, 2015 was showing that i weighed 113 kg (249 Lbs), well I kept at it. In some weeks i lost a whooping 4 kgs (9 Lbs), some weeks 500g (1 Lb):D :D ! What I know matters is that I'm making headway, consistency will make a person break a wall. One fist at a time, on the same spot, daily, consistently constant!

Exactly 105kg here and walking to the gym
I suppose you're yearning to know the progress by now.. anyways, here it is:105 KG ( (231 Lbs)!!  I've dealt with a total of 18 pounds (8kg) in 4 weeks.  I'm thinking about this August at this very moment. As I said hello to this new month, I have so much hope for a better me and for the same energy to draw closer to my desired 190 Lbs (86 kgs).

I am excited, I know to many I'm still the same old big girl, but to my friends and family, I've totally done it. Many may be tempted to say, well you haven't arrived; thats right I haven't, but I've definitely left! Keep going fam, our goals are set, and they are to be achieved. xxx

Saturday, 1 August 2015

When one thoughtful heart sets you ablaze :)

"Gym things- Keep at it mum"

So I have this absolutely amazing and gorgeous baby, daughter, sister and friend: I'm her pastor, maybe we should just say "it's complicated"..lol. She's one of the super bodies I wrote about on my first note about this journey. She's also an absolutely fabulous gym lifestyler, she runs 21km marathon and now guns for 89km and says she's inspired by me!!!  Come on really. 

As you can see from her gym pic, she's like the perfect image of a fit person. The caption of this pic when she sent it to  me said; "gym things, keep at it mum!"
I cannot tell you what it meant to me. She's so full of genuine love and feedback, actually for a minute she made me think I was leading in this! Haha. 

She's one of those fires under my feet. Such inspiration.  I feel so privileged that I have the support that I have from friends and family. Not that there aren't any negative voices, they're there, but I  just think that the few positive voices are so much more powerful than no matter how many negatives. All it takes a choice of what you choose to embrace.

 Back to our story; It makes me pause and think; - how often do we really put people at a position where they can feel great,  though in reality we are at a better place than them? I thought I would share this with you guys because I just think that we all need to be someone's fire. Just purposing to say today I'll bring energy onto someone's path, good energy of course.

Be the candle that rekindles passion and hope on others in their different journeys. I've never run 1 km straight without stopping and gasping , and a marathoner says I'm inspiring and impressive? In a way I feel I want to stay on that cloud, ride on those powerful words that have been sent into my sphere and make them happen! So yes, I'm so going to keep at it.

Trust me, you don't need many such voices, just one is enough to pump you up to tackle the next 28 kgs!

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Want change? Break the comfort zone!

So I have been talking with a sister friend lately on this issue. She's an amazing soul, you can follow her on teatimenuggets.blogspot.com. We've been talking on; How we yearn for changes, how we yearn to fully and truly express ourselves to those around us, as you may well be aware that's probably the only way to live a fulfilled life.

Well, today I thought I would write on this matter, in-fact I'm loving this blogging business, kinda great to express what I think in writing. At least from my Christian background, I know that cowards will never succeed. Those who stay in a comfortable place and expect different or astounding results are as good as  not doing anything I suppose.

Many of us are expectant of a lot of things, those of us who pray, do so fervently for things to change, but we sort of always forget to step out and be at a place of receiving that which we prayed for. Those who have hopes of thriving businesses, wake up and do the same normal things that everyone else is up to, there's no way you can be different my friend.

So, from my personal end of things, I know Im dealing with a whole lifestyle change, searching for fitness, health, longevity plans  so that this becomes my life for as long as I live.  Here's what I have learnt and I keep learning everyday: every time I feel comfortable, I should instantly be uncomfortable with that feeling. If I want to make this lifestyle work, I must push myself, feel pain, crave and defeat the cravings, feel tired and like giving up and still push! Great things will NEVER come from my comfort zone, neither will they come from yours.  Yes its going to hurt, but you and I have to learn to push through. Sometimes our situations don't change because we are working from  a comfortable and familiar end. Let's get out there and be the changers and grinders and see what we desire blossom right in our eyes. Stay Great and focused family.. Till soon.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

I asked him to hide the scale!

As I continue on this journey of  lifestyle change, I find some really interesting lessons of life, obsessions, self control and many more.

A few weeks ago I asked my husband to take away the scale and hide it from me, like I vowed I won't look for it no matter what. Wondering why I did that? Well here's the answer: I was literally on that thing every hour. First thing I did when I woke up, mid day and evening, several times in between. It was drivin me carazzy y'all.  I didn't like what I was turning into. I picked it at once, sought help and I'm good now. On the first day I looked for it thoughπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ. He just looked at me and said,

      "well, we only go check on that weight once a week and we do it at the hospital, not here!".

I couldn't believe him! I just know one thing though, he's strong...
I'm settling in with the idea 2 weeks later, I keep grinding, going to the gym and working on my body and the food I eat. It works, no need to obsess over the scale figures.

I'm learning so much about me and life in general in this whole process. At times we are desperate to see changes, we want them real quick, we dread going through the whole process to make lasting changes. We dread the taste of vegetables and just meat, we struggle to learn to love the new path we're on. Soon, it won't be new, it will be a norm. We learnt to love junk foods  and snacks, we can unlearn and reprogram the new into our systems. We learnt negativity, fear, doubt and all sorts of things that are against us,  we can reverse all that and embrace the new and better!

Keep going, you can do it.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Hello world! Been a while :)

Honestly, i dont know what has been happening. I've been too busy putting my life in order, getting ready for a huge travel and career opportunity.  Good thing is, we are on track! I lost another 2 pounds, and Im now 238 Lbs (or 108 kgs). One kg a week and we will be on 29 kgs by week 29!

I'm slowly getting used to my low carb diet, so grateful for the husband friend support. Okay, so I thought I should really write something, I'm doing this on the run. I will catch y'all on monday!


Saturday, 18 July 2015

Microwave speed???: Patience is EVERYTHING

16/07/2015 : against the microwave speed

In the last 7 days I've lost 1 kg, or 2 pounds... Last week I weighed 110kg (242Lbs) and now I'm 109kg (240 Lbs)!!! 

We are surely making progress and it's good that in 2 weeks I've lost 4 kgs! (8 Lbs).  It's an incredible feeling. Yeah, I do know that I still have to deal with about 60Lbs or at least 29kgs😁😁. But the small steps I'm taking are taking me towards that goal. The important thing is to set goals, stick by them and keep grinding. 

I guess the most difficult thing in this whole healthy living resolution is; TIME. 
We are literally a microwave generation, we don't like to wait for slow but sure and sustainable steps to achieve any of our set goals... Some of you may say how long will it take for her to lose that 29 kgs, 6 months? A year? Oh that's too long! but one day at a time, carefully watching my lifestyle and what i eat!
Well here's the thing, you'll also go through that same year, why don't you choose to make it count? That's what motivates me. I promise you, some days are good and some days are just as terrible, but I keep going... 

Friday, 10 July 2015

Progressing...that's for sure


Exactly 7 days since I started my writing, well writing about my body and health.  I've lost exactly 6.6 Lbs (3 kg)!! I'm now 242.5 Lbs (110 kg) from in 7 days. Remember I was 249 Lbs about 7 days ago.! I'm excited, my diet is working. I haven't started going to the gym though', I'm still working out small small on my own. 

It's been tough, I miss rice, sadza and pizza, and cookies πŸ˜”. I cut off sugar and milk in my tea a long time ago and so that's not a problem anymore. On day 4 of my veggie and protein diet, I was literally shaking, my body demanding things. Well I won. It's a mind thing, I let my spirit/heart lead, not my mind and body! I'm going to continue werking it!!! It has to work!

Once I hit the professional gym ( for aerobics) I'll let you know! See you in a week's time!

my missing rice face below!