Tuesday, 4 August 2015

I haven't arrived, but I've definitely left...

Its been a good 4 weeks on this grind. Its been great, tough, rewarding, result-oriented, and truly focused on bringing the numbers on the scale down.

Those who can remember, my first post on July 2, 2015 was showing that i weighed 113 kg (249 Lbs), well I kept at it. In some weeks i lost a whooping 4 kgs (9 Lbs), some weeks 500g (1 Lb):D :D ! What I know matters is that I'm making headway, consistency will make a person break a wall. One fist at a time, on the same spot, daily, consistently constant!

Exactly 105kg here and walking to the gym
I suppose you're yearning to know the progress by now.. anyways, here it is:105 KG ( (231 Lbs)!!  I've dealt with a total of 18 pounds (8kg) in 4 weeks.  I'm thinking about this August at this very moment. As I said hello to this new month, I have so much hope for a better me and for the same energy to draw closer to my desired 190 Lbs (86 kgs).

I am excited, I know to many I'm still the same old big girl, but to my friends and family, I've totally done it. Many may be tempted to say, well you haven't arrived; thats right I haven't, but I've definitely left! Keep going fam, our goals are set, and they are to be achieved. xxx


  1. Wow so happy you are celebrating each step. So true it's not about reaching the goal but enjoying the journey. Well done!