Saturday, 1 August 2015

When one thoughtful heart sets you ablaze :)

"Gym things- Keep at it mum"

So I have this absolutely amazing and gorgeous baby, daughter, sister and friend: I'm her pastor, maybe we should just say "it's complicated" She's one of the super bodies I wrote about on my first note about this journey. She's also an absolutely fabulous gym lifestyler, she runs 21km marathon and now guns for 89km and says she's inspired by me!!!  Come on really. 

As you can see from her gym pic, she's like the perfect image of a fit person. The caption of this pic when she sent it to  me said; "gym things, keep at it mum!"
I cannot tell you what it meant to me. She's so full of genuine love and feedback, actually for a minute she made me think I was leading in this! Haha. 

She's one of those fires under my feet. Such inspiration.  I feel so privileged that I have the support that I have from friends and family. Not that there aren't any negative voices, they're there, but I  just think that the few positive voices are so much more powerful than no matter how many negatives. All it takes a choice of what you choose to embrace.

 Back to our story; It makes me pause and think; - how often do we really put people at a position where they can feel great,  though in reality we are at a better place than them? I thought I would share this with you guys because I just think that we all need to be someone's fire. Just purposing to say today I'll bring energy onto someone's path, good energy of course.

Be the candle that rekindles passion and hope on others in their different journeys. I've never run 1 km straight without stopping and gasping , and a marathoner says I'm inspiring and impressive? In a way I feel I want to stay on that cloud, ride on those powerful words that have been sent into my sphere and make them happen! So yes, I'm so going to keep at it.

Trust me, you don't need many such voices, just one is enough to pump you up to tackle the next 28 kgs!


  1. Giving up is never an option.Trully insipiring .All things are possible with God

  2. Yes babe. Thank you so much, you'll never know what this means :). You're too awesome

  3. beautiful piece... When we are truly great, we make others realize their own potential to be great too

  4. Inspired by you Pre and I know you can do this! Like Dora says just keep swimming. You are making good process. One step at a time till you reach the goal