Thursday, 30 July 2015

Want change? Break the comfort zone!

So I have been talking with a sister friend lately on this issue. She's an amazing soul, you can follow her on We've been talking on; How we yearn for changes, how we yearn to fully and truly express ourselves to those around us, as you may well be aware that's probably the only way to live a fulfilled life.

Well, today I thought I would write on this matter, in-fact I'm loving this blogging business, kinda great to express what I think in writing. At least from my Christian background, I know that cowards will never succeed. Those who stay in a comfortable place and expect different or astounding results are as good as  not doing anything I suppose.

Many of us are expectant of a lot of things, those of us who pray, do so fervently for things to change, but we sort of always forget to step out and be at a place of receiving that which we prayed for. Those who have hopes of thriving businesses, wake up and do the same normal things that everyone else is up to, there's no way you can be different my friend.

So, from my personal end of things, I know Im dealing with a whole lifestyle change, searching for fitness, health, longevity plans  so that this becomes my life for as long as I live.  Here's what I have learnt and I keep learning everyday: every time I feel comfortable, I should instantly be uncomfortable with that feeling. If I want to make this lifestyle work, I must push myself, feel pain, crave and defeat the cravings, feel tired and like giving up and still push! Great things will NEVER come from my comfort zone, neither will they come from yours.  Yes its going to hurt, but you and I have to learn to push through. Sometimes our situations don't change because we are working from  a comfortable and familiar end. Let's get out there and be the changers and grinders and see what we desire blossom right in our eyes. Stay Great and focused family.. Till soon.


  1. Wow.. this is so true and inspiring. Thanks for the mention love, I seriously need to get off my backside and make things happen. Thank you for this thought-provoking read.

  2. So true, how we crave comfort and the easy way out. But breaking barriers calls for great acts of courage like destroying the home you have always known so you can become a chicken. Love the image of the egg.