Saturday, 18 July 2015

Microwave speed???: Patience is EVERYTHING

16/07/2015 : against the microwave speed

In the last 7 days I've lost 1 kg, or 2 pounds... Last week I weighed 110kg (242Lbs) and now I'm 109kg (240 Lbs)!!! 

We are surely making progress and it's good that in 2 weeks I've lost 4 kgs! (8 Lbs).  It's an incredible feeling. Yeah, I do know that I still have to deal with about 60Lbs or at least 29kgs😁😁. But the small steps I'm taking are taking me towards that goal. The important thing is to set goals, stick by them and keep grinding. 

I guess the most difficult thing in this whole healthy living resolution is; TIME. 
We are literally a microwave generation, we don't like to wait for slow but sure and sustainable steps to achieve any of our set goals... Some of you may say how long will it take for her to lose that 29 kgs, 6 months? A year? Oh that's too long! but one day at a time, carefully watching my lifestyle and what i eat!
Well here's the thing, you'll also go through that same year, why don't you choose to make it count? That's what motivates me. I promise you, some days are good and some days are just as terrible, but I keep going... 

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