Wednesday, 8 July 2015

New journey! Excited and mixed feelings really...

I weigh 249 Lbs or 113 kg... , 1.74 m tall
I'm currently overweight by 25kg or 55 Lbs😁😁

So about 2 years ago  (September, 2013) I was 277 Lbs or 125 kg, and I started taking small steps to rectify my "situation". It was partly a lifestyle change, from what I ate, to going to the gym here and there and occasionally doing my own routine aerobics at home. This change began when I temporarily lived in St. Louis, MO, USA. Of course it would be unfair not to mention Jody Butterfield who brought me a life changing book a year earlier; the book Diet Evolution by Dr. Steven Gundry. This was the first time I got exposed to how human genes work and what effects certain foods have. Don't get me wrong, I knew that pizza was unhealthy, and that it made me gain weight, but I didn't know in simple layman terms how and what of pizza is unhealthy... I live in Zimbabwe, my staple food is corn meal, called sadza, yummiest starchy food, munched alongside all sorts of stews, and some vegetables, but usually leafy vegetables. Sometimes we could eat sadza and potatoes! Right, I know it's a recipe for "disaster", so having grown on that food and now learning that I should drop it so that I take my body back to where I was...tough request but must be done. 

So here we are, effectively in the past year and half or so, I have done away with 31 Lbs. I did well once and my friends and colleagues were truly seeing my efforts, and then of course I fell off the track. I guess that's the most frustrating moment when you see numbers rising  again. Thank God for social media, and friends that we can keep in touch and track each other up all the time. I have a friend (Pam) in St Louis, and she wants to lose 100Lbs in a year And I have to lose 66 pounds, in that same period. She bikes, and I don't, she walks sometimes, and I'll do too. I will go to the gym for aerobics, an hour a day at least 3 days a week. 

I have faith that this will work, I need 2 in fact 3; availability, will power...and support. I am available, I took on establishing myself as a business woman in agriculture and environmental issues on April 30th 2015, this decision was backed up by my quest to balance up my life, organize my health and lifestyle, as well as learn and grow in a field I love with my life. It was a big decision, for me and had to be done. I have will power, I desperately want to be 180 lbs, I desperately want to be healthy and I guess sexy while at I have great support from my totally awesome husband, who thinks that I'm totally cool and super able...really good to have this guy, he is my voice of reason and from time to time You'll be seeing him in posts, though this is really about me and my life changing journey. My friends and sisters are incredible, but here's the downside, they're all super bodies, small, the "biggish ones" are just not as big as I am. In a nutshell I live in a world of beautiful friends, who have made me totally confident and now are supporting my dream. 

One more biggest support is the unending and ever faithful Grace from God. By the way, we might as well get this cleared right away, you'll realize that my posts will be containing a lot of God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This is the biggest centre of my life, couldn't do nothing without God. In case you don't belong in my camp, it's fine, whatever religion and belief, we all want well being right? Blessings and yes I need that Grace for strength. 

So I recently started following this phenomenal woman on Instagram @lakeitha_duncan. She lost a whooping 100Lbs in one year!  She's totally awesome and real. So I'm so following her, her nuggets keep me pumped up for the road...

It's my sincere prayer and hope that sharing with you on my journey will enable me to draw the much needed support from all of you.. :)

All for now, see you in a few days, that's what's up!

Below: somewhere far from home learning gardening and farming as a business :)

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