Friday, 10 July 2015

Progressing...that's for sure


Exactly 7 days since I started my writing, well writing about my body and health.  I've lost exactly 6.6 Lbs (3 kg)!! I'm now 242.5 Lbs (110 kg) from in 7 days. Remember I was 249 Lbs about 7 days ago.! I'm excited, my diet is working. I haven't started going to the gym though', I'm still working out small small on my own. 

It's been tough, I miss rice, sadza and pizza, and cookies 😔. I cut off sugar and milk in my tea a long time ago and so that's not a problem anymore. On day 4 of my veggie and protein diet, I was literally shaking, my body demanding things. Well I won. It's a mind thing, I let my spirit/heart lead, not my mind and body! I'm going to continue werking it!!! It has to work!

Once I hit the professional gym ( for aerobics) I'll let you know! See you in a week's time!

my missing rice face below!